UK Storms: Abigail & Barney

This year, the Met Office and Met Eireann are piloting a project to name wind storms that are expected to affect the UK and Ireland through the autumn and winter 2015/16. It is hoped that naming storms will help raise awareness of severe weather and ensure greater safety of the public.  Suggestions for names of the storms were opened up to the general public and so far, two storms have been named: Abigail and Barney.

In early November (12th-13th), #StormAbigail brought heavy downpours, flooding, wintery showers, lightning to parts of the UK, with gusts of up to 84mph in north and northwest Scotland. It left thousands without power and closed a number of schools in Scotland. Following this storm, remnants of Hurricane Kate brought heavy rain and river flooding parts of northwest England, Yorkshire, north Wales and Northern Ireland over the weekend of the 14th-15th November.

The second storm to be named, #StormBarney, hit the UK during 17th – 18th November, bringing damaging winds and heavy rain to large swathes of Wales, central and southern England. Thousands were left without electricity and trains were disrupted following gusts of up to 85mph which brought down trees and other infrastructure. 

So, when will the next storm hit and what will it be called? Find out at the UK storm Centre