Society's journals now have their own Apps

The Royal Meteorological Society's journals can now be viewed much more easily on your mobile or tablet, by downloading Apps for each journal. 

Weather is available to all members of the Society. To be able to view the journal through the App, you will be asked 'How do you get digital access to this journal?'. You need to select 'Through my society affiliation', then enter the username and password you use when you log-in to the RMetS website. 

If you would like to subscribe to the other journals, there are special members' prices available. You can add access by logging in to your RMetS account. 

Below are the links to the Apps in the iTunes Store: 

Weather in the iTunes App Store

International Journal of Climatology in the iTunes App Store

Quarterly Journal in the iTunes App Store

Atmospheric Science Letters in the iTunes App Store

Meteorological Applications in the iTunes App Store


Weather and Quarterly Journal Apps are also available on Google Play

Weather Journal in Google Play

Quarterly Journal in Google Play


News Date: 
Friday, March 18, 2016