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  • Public speaking as a UKMO forecaster

    As an introduction to Weather presenting, I gave a number of Street Briefs (10 minute presentations on Thursday afternoons), probably about 10 at an estimate from memory. Projecting into the wall and speaking from the balcony at Exeter HQ to the majority of staff in the building; reviewing ltye previous weekend's forecast for Exeter, key topical national or international weather stories of the week and giving the forecast for Exeter for the coming weekend.

  • Reading Scientific Journals

    Reading of Weather to enhance personal background knowledge. This has given me some additional knowledge to enable work better by myself with a bit of additional knowledge about how solar eclipses affects the local weather behaviour, and consequently improves the quality of my work. It also gives me additional knowledge when guiding other forecasters in the application of their skills and tasks, which I need to plan for by myself. 

  • TORRO Autumn Conference 2016

    Attendance of TORRO Autumn Conference 2016 at Oxford Brookes University

  • Highways England Overview

    Working by myself to bring winter services online within Highways England. Finding out the new ability to monitor and track salting vehicles across the network in real time, with spread rate, speed and direction of travel and width of salt spread. This is useful to check that the forecast has been interpreted correctly, and gives the option to follow up any potential mis-interpretations. 

  • Shadowing DeBroy Brookes on a Marine shift at Aberdeen MO

    When in Aberdeen to deliver a winter forecasting workshop, I took the opportunity to shadow DeBroy for a shift, in order to better understand the relationships between the Marine environment, Marine customers, their vessels, Marine forecasters, Marine NWP and Marine met theory; all with a view to developing the Met Office Wave Forecasting course. My motives were to make my teaching of the subject relevant to the job (which I had never actually done) rather than to simply convey my enthusiasm for the subject (which as an experienced surfer, I can not help but do).

  • 'Being a Manager' course

    A two week long course within the Met Office offering a comprehensive introduction to general management practices and techniques, as well as detail on Met Office-specific management frameworks.

  • Suffolk Show Organisation

    Following the office’s support of the Visitors day and Families Day on station, we were asked by Robbie Silk if we would be able to provide a stand at the Suffolk Show in May 2018. I worked with Abby Smith, showing a proactive and united approach to the request. With Pete away on paternity leave, we decided it would be appropriate to begin enquires with the media team in Exeter and also with Emily Reynolds regarding the permissions required to run a stand at the event.

  • Regional Meteorology - Cyprus

    Met Office Online training course for the weather and climate of Cyprus.

    Passed final test on subject matter with 90%.

    (Linked reference requires Met Office learning log on).

  • December 2024


    Kidmore End Weather 1969 - Present Day

    31 December 2024 - Royal Meteorological Society 104 Oxford Road Reading Berkshire RG1 7LL United Kingdom

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