FRMetS Register

Becoming a Fellow normally requires a formal qualification (eg. a first degree in a science subject and/or post-graduate degree or an NVQ in a relevant discipline) and at least five years of professional experience within or directly related to meteorology. Exceptionally, long experience and performance at a high professional level, suitably attested by peer review, can replace the requirement for a formal academic or vocational qualification. MSc or PhD study in a relevant subject counts as one or two years experience respectively.

Apply to become a Fellow

To be considered for election to Fellow applicants need to be proposed by two existing Fellows.

Those elected may use the appellation FRMetS as a measure of professional competence in meteorology. Those elected to Fellow before this scheme was introduced on 5 September 2003 will need to apply for the use of FRMetS.

Title Forenames Surname Suffix
Dr Vincenzo Levizzani FRMetS
W/Cdr Brynach Lewis FRMetS
Mr Michael John Lewis FRMetS
Prof Stephen Lewis FRMetS
Dr Jianping Li FRMetS
Prof Paul Linden FRMetS
Dr David Lindley OBE FRMetS FREng
Mr Ian Lines FRMetS
Mr Christopher Thomas Little FRMetS
Dr John Lockwood FRMetS
Prof Andrew Lorenc FRMetS
Mr Lars Lowinski FRMetS CMet
Prof Valerio Lucarini FRMetS
Dr Anthony Rocco Lupo FRMetS
Mr Norman Lynagh FRMetS CMet
Dr William Howard Lyne FRMetS
Prof Tom Lyons FRMetS
Mr Alexander Malcolm Maitland FRMetS
Mr Shanti Majithia FRMetS
Dr Andrew John Malcolm FRMetS
Dr Franco Marenco FRMetS
Dr Anthony Kevin Peter Marsh FRMetS
Prof David Philip Marshall FRMetS
Prof Frank Marzano FRMetS
Dr Mio Matsueda FRMetS
Dr James Clifford Matthews FRMetS
Mrs Bryony Clare May FRMetS CMet
Dr Julian Mayes FRMetS
Mr Ewen McCallum FRMetS CMet
Prof John McClatchey FRMetS
Mr James Robert McGregor FRMetS
Mr Alister McHardy FRMetS RMet
Dr John Frederick Robert (ROBIN) McIlveen FRMetS
Prof Michael Edgeworth McIntyre FRMetS
Dr Ronald McLone FRMetS FRSA FIMA
Ms Alison McLure FRMetS
Mr Barry McMahon FRMetS
Dr James Benedict McQuaid FRMetS
Mr Robert McSweeney FRMetS
Dr Mohammed Iqbal Mead FRMetS
Mr David Membery FRMetS
Prof Michael Paul Meredith FRMetS
Prof Alfred Micallef FRMetS
Dr Stefano Migliorini FRMetS
Dr James Milford FRMetS
Mr Jonathan Ralph Millard FRMetS CMet
Dr Craig Alexander Miller FRMetS
Mr Clive Mills-Hicks FRMetS
Prof John Mitchell OBE FRMetS CMet
Dr Marion Petra Mittermaier FRMetS